Thursday, 2 July 2015

Monsoon to remain weak over Goa next 5 days - Posted July 2, 2015

Sudden Monsoon activity on July 1 and 2 non-withstanding, Monsoon will remain weak over Goa over next 5 days.

As per the analysis at Vagaries of the Weather Blog:

"Monsoon remains weak in the Sub Continent (barring Eastern states of Odisha/Bengal and NE India. Barring extreme North Pakistan) in the first 15 days of July. Strengthening in the second half will see the rains recovering in the regions"
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Goa will get intermittent rains over the next 5 days, averaging 10 - 20 mm. Temperature would be around 30 - 25C.

In the meantime, Sanquelim became the first rain centre in Goa on July 2, to exceed 1000 mm this season!

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1. Daily updated rainfall figures at all the rain gauge centers in Goa
2. Cummulative Seasonal Rainfall Totals, updated daily, for all the rain gauge centers in Goa

For Daily Rainfall figures at Aquem, Margao as measured by Vagaries Goa digital rain gauge, visit

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