Thursday, 6 October 2016

Goa South West Monsoon 2016, The Final Analysis

The South West Monsoon Season 2016 in Goa, lasting from June 1 to September 2016 was normal this year. But the monthly rainfall showed wide variation in departure from Normal (%), except in the month of September.

Following Graphs and figures give a good picture of how the monsoon season unfolded in Goa this year.

Data is from IMD, Goa Center.

1) Daily Variation of Seasonal Rainfall (Graph from

2) Monthly and Total Rainfall Figures June to September 2016:

3) Monthly Departure from Normal (%):

4) Seasonal Rainfall Recorded at major towns in Goa:

Pernem in North Goa was the surprise wettest place in Goa this year. The usual wettest place, Valpoi, at the base of Western Ghats, received poor rainfall in June and as a result finished outside top five wettest places. Mormugao and Dabolim also made surprise appearance in top 5 places, mainly on account of strong showing in June.

5) Month-wise Seasonal Rainfall for Major Towns in Goa:

6) Seasonal Rainfall recorded at Major Towns on Map of Goa:

7) Comparison of 2016 Seasonal Rainfall with past Years:

From this graph we observe that during the last 4 years, except for the month of September, there is a great variation in the monthly rainfall amount YoY. Additionally, this year July lost the honour of normally being the wettest month of the year.

An excellent Final analysis of the performance of the SW Monsoon this year over India as a whole is given in the popular weather blog 'Vagaries of the Weather' at this LINK

According that analysis the Sub-Division of Konkan and Goa has the honour of being the wettest sub-division in the country this year.

The total All India Rainfall this year was in normal range finishing -2.87% below normal.

Though the official SW Monsoon season has ended, the withdrawal of the SW Monsoon has been limited to NW India till October 6, the date of writing this post.

Goa is expected to receive scattered light rainfall, till the monsoon withdraws completely by late second half of October.

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