Monday, 6 July 2015

Dry Spell continues in Goa - Posted July 6, 2015

After the first 2 days in July, when the rains averaged 30 to 40 mm in Goa, the average rainfall in Goa has come down below 10 - 5 mm average since.

As of July 5, the deficiency in rains was around 20%!

The Synoptic details of the present condition of Monsoon over India is posted in Vagaries of the Weather Blog in this post.

To summarise fromt the post:

1. Monsoon axis is fixed in the North at the foothills of Himalayas.

2. Hot to very hot and dry conditions in the subcontinent from Pakistan eastwards.

3. Monsoon Trough off the west coast continues to be weak. Hence little or no rains over most parts of Goa.

Some seasonal Monsoon activity is expected to bring mild showers, upto 40 mm, to parts of Goa on July 7 and 8,

But as on July 6, day temperature highs are above 32C and lows above 26C. Skies are mostly clear with lots of sunshine. Rains are scattered and isolated.

For example while Vagaries Goa rain gauge has recorded Nil rainfall on July 5 and 6, Canacona received 11.6 mm in 24 hrs till 8:30 am on July 6, and Ponda 6.3 mm and Quepem 4 mm in the same period. But most other places received Nil or traces of rainfall.

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