Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Respite from incessant rains - Posted June 24, 2015

Goa is enjoying a respite from incessant rains since Monday June 22, 2015, as predicted in this blog post dated June 19th. However Goa experienced gusty winds, breaking tree branches and uprooted trees at many places. This resulted in power failures, with many villages without power for hours. These strong winds were the result of the deep depression AS2 in the Arabian Sea.

The deep depression AS2 lays centered over Arabian Sea just below S. Gujarat for nearly 2 days. In the process it brough heavy rains to Mumbai and North Konkan for two days. However it has drawn moisture from south Arabian Sea, reducing the rains in South Konkan, Goa and further south till Kerala!

The deep depression finally crossed into Gujarat today June 24th, bringing heavy rains to Saurashtra including Surat etc.

The EUMETSAT image of today clearly indicates the rainfall activity over Saurashtra and North Konkan.

Vagaries Goa raingauge at Margao recorded following rains in last 3 days:

Till 8:30 am on June 23 - 7 mm
Till 8:30 am on June 24 - 8 mm
Till 8:00 pm (Time of Posting) on June 24 - 9 mm

The interior regions of Goa got good rainfall in 24 hrs ending 8:30 am on June 24, top 4 places being:

Sanquelim - 42.7 mm
Valpoi - 38.5 mm
Sanguem - 24 mm
Ponda - 23.4 mm

For rain figures at all centres on daily basis visit

The area weighted average rainfall in Goa till 8:30 am on June 24, is still 10% above normal at nearly 29 inches.

t would appear that if Goa continues to get an average 15 to 20 mm rainfall over the remaining 6 days of June, it could still fall short of the average 953 mm average rainfall for June by about 100 mm, ie by nearly 10%!

The latest GFS Forecasts indicate picking up of Monsoon activity again only in first week of July!

Last two days have seen day's high temperatures 2 degrees above normal, around 31C and low temperatures around 25C, 1 degree above normal.

Expect hot days with intermittent showers over rest of the week, with average rainfall around 15 - 20 mm. More rainfall can occur in the interior parts of Goa.

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