Thursday, 11 June 2015

Monsoon weak over Goa - Expected to be active after June 14, 2015

Posted June 11, 2015

After the onset on June 9, SW Monsoon has remained weak over Goa, and stalled in South Konkan.

The NW trajectory of the cyclone Ashobaa towards Oman, is held responsible for diverting the moisture away from east Arabian Sea, even though the onset was helped initially by the cyclone in its stage of being a Depression, as it passed along the coast, before veering NW.

Vagaries rain gauge has recorded only traces on June 10 and throughout the day on June 11. The sky in the south west direction was mostly clear, with blue sky shining through throughout the day.

However the influence of Ashobaa over Arabian Sea is now over, and monsoon winds are organizing once again.

Monsoon is expected to progress further and Goa is expected to receive heavy rains after June 15, as the trough develops off the coast.

The day temperature average around 32C and night temperatures around 24C.

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