Monday, 14 April 2014

Mid April Cool Times

Goa has been experiencing a welcome drop in Minimum and Max temperatures since Sunday 13th continuing into the week. This is attributed to dry and cool winds blowing from north - northwest. The days and nights have been clear, contributing to a lower temperature regime.

April 13 - Min 21.8C ( 3C below normal) RH 66% at 8:30 am
             - Max 33.7C ( 1C above normal) RH 46% at 5:30 pm
April 14 - Min 22.5C . RH 65% at 8:30 am
            - Max 33.9C . RH 53% at 5:30 pm

Elsewhere, Pune was 14.7C and Mahabaleshwar 19.2C on Sunday April 13 morning.

On April 6, 2014, the minimum in Goa had reached 26.4C with RH 79% and max temp on that day had climbed to 34.6C.

With central and north west India beginning to heat up, temperatures in Goa could again climb to normal 25-35C region by the weekend.

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