Monday, 9 September 2013

Update September 9: rains delayed?

A sudden formation of an UAC over west Gujarat on September 8, has stalled the westward movement of the UAC near AP coast and consequently heavy rains expected in Goa from September 8 night may be delayed by two days. The rains may skip Goa all together moving into Konkan region if the UAC moves in NW direction instead of W.

This analysis is by the weather blogger Rajesh Kapadia in his latest post in his blog 'vagaries of weather' here

The map prepared by him and available in the post is reproduced below:

Copyright: Rajesh Kapadia 'vagaries of weather'

While the absence of rain will be welcome Ganesh devotees,
 it would extend the present break in monsoon a few more days.

Updates will follow if situation changes

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