Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Outlook for rest of the week

The phase of continuous daily rains seen from September 16 to 24, is definiitely over!

The low which is still persisting over Gujarat, brought plenty of rains to north Konkan, but Goa was largely spared.

The rains recorded at Margao during last week were:

Sept 16 - 3.1 mm
Sept 17 - 30 mm
Sept 18 - 92.7 mm
Sept 19 - 10.5 mm
Sept 20 - 85.6 mm
Sept 21 - 86.8 mm
Sept 22 - 9 mm
Sept 23 - 12.4 mm
Sept 24 - 20.5 mm

Expect clear blue skies and lot of sunshine during day time rest of the week.

Max day temp could reach 30/31C and early mornings at 23/24C. Humidity would remain in 80-90% range. Occasion mild drizzle should bring relief. Rains could be less than 5 mm per day, mostly towards the interiors.

A perfect time to savor the natural beauty of Goa!

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