Monday, 2 September 2013

Come September!

The noted Goan scientist, thinker and popular science writer Dr Nandkumar Kamat, has written a great piece on the beautiful facets of nature in the month of September and it has been published by the local daily Navhind Times today on its Opinion Page. Titled as "Experiencing the Magic of September" its available on the net here !

 Any Goan worth his salt will agree totally with Dr Kamat, that with September comes the beautiful sunsets, occasional rainbows, high cirrus clouds against blue backgrounds and all this accompanied by rainy spells with large rain drops and sometimes the fog!

Sunset at Benaulim Beach on September 2, 2013

And the one food item loved by all the Goans starts to arrive in large number in the fish market, with the ban on fishing having ended and the seas calm again for the fishing boats to cast their nets.

Then there is one the most loved of all deities, Lord Ganesha, making his annual appearance in the festival of Chavath. This is a perfect occasion for family members from near and far to gather together and talk of the rains gone by and much more!

With the break in the monsoon continuing into the first week of September, now is the time to step out and experience as Dr Kamat so eloquently puts it "nature's free outdoor photography exhibition"!

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  1. Respecte Atulbab,
    Read the article"Expreriencing the magic of September" by renowed Goan scientist Dr. Nankumar Kamat. on Navhind Times dated 02-09-2013.I am really fascinated by the words and sentences gathered and put up on the canvass of paper to decribed the month of September by Dr. Kamat. As rightly pointed out by the author September is the best ambassador month to market tourism in Goa as this month provides spiritual delights in the wonderful and peaceful land of Goa. I am very much impressed by the atticle by Dr Kamat. I hope the viewers of this blog will be immensely benefit to those who are interested in visiting this Emerald on Earth. HELLO WORLD.....WELCOME TO GOA. THIS IS OUR LAND. THE BEAUTIFUL GOA.