Thursday, 3 December 2015

A Hot November 2015 for Goa

November 2015 in Goa felt more like the month of March and April.

Normally November heralds chilly mornings, fog and dew. The days continue to be warm, but afford a break from the usual October heat.

However November 2015 was warmer than November 2014, with average Low more than 2C higher and Average High continuing to be higher than normal.

Based on Observations at IMD, Panaji - Goa
This was mainly attributed to the string of Lows from Bay of Bengal, blowing west across the southern peninsula. This resulted in more overcast conditions in the early mornings and during the days.

The East blowing wind, prevented the cool north winds as also the west winds from the sea from setting in, raising the average temperature.

The daily temperature trend is as below. Maximum temperature recorded during the month was 35.7C and the minimum 21.0C

 The trend is expected into early part of December.

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