Friday, 20 November 2015

November cool winds taking a break - posted November 20, 2015

Morning of November 20, 2015 saw minimum temperature in Goa climb to 26.2C which is more than 4C above normal.

Skies were heavily overcast on November 19 and 20, under the influence of the low BB - 11, crossing over from Bay of Bengal. Day's highs are in the range of 34 - 35C.

Under the influence of the low, easterlies are blowing over Goa, preventing the cooler sea breeze from west from setting in.

Similarly while Mumbai, Pune and North Konkan reported minimum temperatures below 20C last few days, the cool winds from North have not yet reached Goa.

Light isolated rainfall has been reported in a few areas in Goa, not exceeding 2- 3 mm.

Not much variation is expected in the temperature pattern over next few days, with day highs in the range of 33 - 35C and low around 24C.

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