Saturday, 12 December 2015

Race Day Weather for Goa River Marathon 2015 - Posted December 12, 2015

The very popular Goa River Marathon is scheduled to be held on December 13, 2015.

The hot and humid weather prevalent in Goa during the week, as reported in this post, has caused lot consternation for runners in Goa training to run for their half marathons or full marathons. Higher temperatures and humidity mean lower paces and lower finishing timings.

But some good news on the weather front at last, and just in time for the big event!

After the hazy conditions throughout the day on Friday December 11, the skies cleared overnight and have remained free of haze and clouds throughout the day on December 12.

Clear sky conditions are expected to persist on the morning of the Race Day on December 13!

Clear skies lower the temperatures in the morning!

December 11 saw morning temperatures zoom to a minimum of 25C nearly 4C above normal, but as a result of the clear skies on December 12, the minimum temperature came down to 23C, but with RH 95%, giving a heat index of 24C.

December 11 and 12 also saw winds blowing from the Arabian Sea from the West start setting in as early as 10 am, compared to around 3.30 pm in earlier days. This helped to bring down the day maximum temperatures significantly, from highs of around 34 - 35C to 31- 32C.

This trend in minimum and maximum temperatures will continue on the race day ie December 13!

We can expect minimum temperature of around 22C at the start of the Full Marathon at 5 am! But the humidity would continue to be in late 80s %RH!

Happy Running everyone!

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