Thursday, 12 November 2015

October 2015 Hotter than October 2014 by nearly 1C

Comparison of Average Monthly Temperature data at Panjim - Goa, as recorded by IMD, Goa, for the month of October 2014 and 2015, clearly indicates that during 2015, both the Average Day High Temperature and the Average Night Low Temperature, were higher than that in October 2014 by nearly 1C.

October 2015 has been generally recorded as hotter than usual almost everywhere in the sub-continent.

While July 2015 was officially nominated by NOAA as the hottest month of the year on a global level, climatologists and scientists have been saying that temperatures in 2015 are on track to be hotter by 1C. Click on this link to go to the website of CBC News, Canada, with the same headline.

So far in November 2015, the day and night temperatures have remained remarkably higher than average by nearly 2C except on Nov 10 and 11, when the effect of a low brought down the lows to the normal level of around 22C.

A comparison of Average Monthly Highs and Lows from October 2014 to September 2015 is given in the chart below:

Cool winds from East and North usually start blowing over Goa by mid November, thus making the mornings pleasant.

This development is now eagerly looked forward to!

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