Saturday, 26 April 2014

Hot and Sultry in Goa - Update April 26, 2014

Parts of Goa witnessed light showers on the nights of April 24 and 25.

Across the western ghats rains upto 15 mm were recorded at Belgaum AP and also in the adjacent Dharward belt, under the influence of Line of Wind Discontinuity.

The week has been hot and humid in Goa with real feel max day temperatures in 40Cs and humidity around RH 80%, making for sultry days and nights.

The recorded day temperature max are howering around 35C and minimum night temperatures 2C above normal, touching 28C on April 25, breaking one more record.

The days will remain hot and hazy with no significant drop in humidity and a further gradual increase in day and night temperatures till April end.

This weather behavior is normal for April and May, leading to favorable conditions for onset of monsoon in June.

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