Saturday, 19 October 2013

Withdrawal of SW Monsoon from Goa - Bye bye Rains, Hello Sunshine!

The easterlies have set in Goa, marking the withdrawal of SW Monsoon from Goa.

The IMD needs 3 days to officially declare the withdrawal, but even the official IMD map on October 19 indicates the withdrawal line at Goa's doorstep.

The days have turned hot, sultry and humid, leading to thunder laden conventional rains in the late afternoon in many parts.

Day Highs are 34C, with a feel of 40C under the sun.

The night Lows are around 24C.

Humidity is in the high 80s.

Late evenings and nights feel cooler, specially after shower bursts.

The weather will continue to remain hot over next few days.

I look forward to some dramatically different climes as I travel to the Mid west and North East US over the next ten days! Cold jet stream moving southwards from Canada is expected to lower the Highs to around 15C and Lows to near freezing in most of these areas. Would I see the first freezing or frost? I'm hoping I do!

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