Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Cloudy, Rainy weather forecast from mid week

A rapidly developing low, strengthening east off the coast of Tamil Nadu together with a UAC developing into a low, off the coast of Karnataka and traveling northwards, are expected to together contribute to a fresh bout of off seasonal wet weather in Goa, mid week onwards from Oct 23 to 26th.

The above EUMETSAT image shows the position of the low on East coast as at 3 pm IST on Oct 22, bringing rains to TN and Andra coasts.

The IMD projections for Oct 25th as below, show the east blowing winds and the low centered at 15 N off the coast of Goa. 

This weather system is expected to bring the additional rains to Goa from 10 to 25 mm mostly on 23 rd evening, 24th and 25th.

The SW monsoon has completely withdrawn from the country and the NE monsoon has set. Rains in Goa associated with weather systems of NE monsoons in October are not uncommon.

Expect cloudy weather with occasional bouts of rains with high probability on 24, 25 and 26.

Posting from Chicago, USA, where first snows, freezing are expected on Oct 22!

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  1. Hello Atul,
    Good to hear from you from Chicago....hope you have a good trip. Yes, weather is going to get wet again in Goa, but you take care...Chicago cold is bitter...