Sunday, 6 October 2013

Monsoon Lingers ....

The UAC off Arabian Sea has crossed over Goa's coast on Oct 5th evening but not before bringing plentiful rains as forecast for three days.

The rains recorded for 24 hrs period ending 8.30 am at various places is as under:

The June - July like weather which prevailed on these days was a reminder that the monsoon is not yet done with.

The prospects for further rainfall this week has to be seen in the larger context of the meteorological developments over the sub continent.

As seen in the latest satellite image, the monsoon axis is in central India and thunder clouds are seen in this area. There is a high possibility of another UAC forming in the central Indian region and travelling towards the west, in the next 2-3 days. If this happens then the Arabian Sea trough will get activated again, bringing rains along the coast including in Goa.

The GFS meteogram for Goa also suggests the same.

Probability of rains with thunder in the second half of the week exists, but the rainfall amounts could be lower around 10-25 mm.

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