Thursday, 29 August 2013

Will Panaji (Goa) touch 100 inches by August end?

Panaji rainfall as on August 29 has reached 2445 mm, i.e. 95 mm short of 2540 mm i.e. 100 inches! 

So the big question is will Panaji receive around 4 inches of rains in the next two days for the headlines on September 1 to read in bold that the seasonal rainfall in Goa has crossed a century?

This seems highly unlikely given today's conditions.

The low from Bay has fizzled out around west MP. The west coast trough is very quiet. The rains are active generally in Eastern part of India.

Though Goa has been experiencing overcast conditions, it has rained only in traces last two-three days.

No change in outlook is expected, till at least August end.

Hence Panaji will continue to struggle to reach the century mark!

But watch out for Weather in Goa's month end analysis to check out the cities that have already reached the century mark!

Day temperatures will remain around 30C and night temperatures around 24C.

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