Saturday, 3 August 2013

Weather update for Saturday 3, Sunday 4 and Monday 5 - Great time to visit Goa?

After the relentless rains of July, August in Goa has begun with reduced rains and sunshine!

1. The low from Bay of Bengal, that traversed across central India is now over Gujarat, pulling rain bearing clouds from the Arabian Sea away from the west coast, more towards Gujarat

2. The monsoon trough along the west coast, exists but is weakened

3. Computer models indicate a break in rain next few days in August

Over Saturday 3, Sunday 4 and Monday 5, Goa is expected to receive 15 - 30 mm rains, less towards the coast, more in the interior, with long spells of sunshine! Giving  sand on the beach chance to dry out!

The newspapers and social are full of events being organized in Lounges, Pubs, Restaurants and Beach Resorts across Goa. Goa is at its greenest and myriad waterfalls line the Western Ghats.

The day temperature will rise a bit to around 30C.

Promises to be a great time to be in Goa!

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