Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Plenty of sunshine and scattered rains till week ending June 29

As explained by the expert weather blogger Mr Rajesh Kapadia at www.vagaries.com the dry spell on the west coast and most of the rest of the country is expected to continue till June end.

Goa is no exception and due to weak monsoon current has been experiencing hardly any rains and plenty of sunshine in the last two days.

Checkout the rain graph at Margao till 0830 hrs on June 24:

The area weighted rain graph for Goa prepared by IMD Goa for the same period matches the above:

The average rains in Goa are deficient by a whopping 24%. But this looks good compared to the figures for Konkan and Goa together which are deficient by almost 50%. And the country as a whole is not faring any better.

The dreaded 'D' word, meaning 'draught' is being talked of as a possibility this year.

But at the same time, there appears to be a possibility of revival of the Arabian Sea branch of Monsoon by June end.

Let's all pray that this prediction of rains in July comes true!

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