Friday, 6 June 2014

Monsoon arrives in Kerala - June 6. Goa on June 10?

S W monsoon has finally reached Kerala on June 6, albeit a week late.

It is expected to advance into coastal and S.I. Karnataka by Sunday June 8.

It normally takes 5-6 days for the monsoon to reach Goa from Kerala. However a low low expected to form off the coast of Kerala May speed up the monsoon arrival in Goa to June 10, still late by 4-5 days than usual.

The monsoon current has been weak so far, but the rains are expected to be normal for June.

Though the heat wave prevalent in Rajasthan and NW India has created low pressure of 998mb, the trough along the west coast is still weak, with high pressure of 1004mb, when ideally it should be 1008mb, to pull the monsoon winds northwards along the coast.

The gradient is expected to improve in coming days.

So get ready for the monsoon magic, finally.

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