Monday, 31 March 2014

The Heat is On!

As is usual at this time of the year, Goa has started to feel the hot, humid sultry weather truly setting in beginning March! Coinciding with the northward march of the Sun, the temperatures across the Indian sub continent will only move northwards, fulfilling one of the major requirements for setting in of the Monsoons in May - June.

The chill which was felt towards February end, continued into March. But the Minimum temperatures experienced continued to rise steadily, from the sub 20 C in early March to a maximum of 26.2 in the early hours of the morning on the last day of the month, March 31st. The warm winds blowing from south - south east being a major factor contributing! Relative Humidity of 86% (+ 08 above normal) on March 31 morning, meant a hazy, warm and humid day to end the month! The coolest day in March on 2nd day of the month, was soon a distant memory!

The month of March ended with the following statistics:

Max High Temperature: 37.3 C March 13
Min High Temoerature: 30.6 C March 02

Max Low Temperature: 26.2 C March 31
Min Low Temperature: 17.6 C March 02

The Maximum High of 37.3 C was lower than the recent all time high of 39 C reached in March 1979! Last year the maximum high in March of 35.6 C was also recorded on March 13!

The precipitation recorded was NIL in March, considering that traces were experienced in the interior areas of Goa mid March,

Parts of South, East and Central India are already experiencing max temperatures around 40 C, and the summer is just beginning!

The graphs of the Average temperatures over India in February 2014 and the Maximum temperatures in the last week of March 2014, dramatically bring out the increase in temperatures.

Plenty to ponder on what's in store for the coming summer months!

Take care, Stay cool!!

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