Thursday, 28 November 2013

Update November 28 - Clear skies ahead!

From Saturday November 23, 2013 weather in Goa saw a dramatic change from earlier few weeks.

Humidity increased rapidly, night temperature and day temperature rose above normal and on November 26 and 27 rains were recorded in parts of Goa. Mainly due to the turbulent cyclonic conditions in the Bay of Bengal.

On November 26, the humidity levels were in 90s, nearly 15% above normal! Margao and Ponda recorded rains between 15 and 20 mm in 24 hr period.

However with cyclone in Bay of Bengal weakened, and dry winds blowing over Goa from the east,
Goa is again heading for lower humidity levels in the coming days.

The Day highs will be in the region of 30-33 C and lows in the region 18-20 C.
Winds will be blowing from the east and lower humidity levels should make it a pleasant time to be in Goa!

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