Monday, 1 August 2016

July 2016 - Monsoon turns laggard but stays overall above Normal!

Goa , received 13% less than normal rains in July 2016, but coming on the back of a bumper 35% above normal rains in June, the South West Monsoon has still managed to stay above normal for the Season so far by 8%!

As against normal rainfall of 1104 mm, July 2016 received just 948 mm, taking the seasonal rainfall from June 1 to July 31 to 2167 mm ie 85 inches.
In fact there were just 9 days with above normal rainfall in July, mainly due to the shift of the monsoon axis to the far north.
As per the records maintained by Vagaries Goa from the data published by IMD, Goa Centre, The rainfall in July 2016 is lower than that in July 2013 and 2014, but higher than in July 2015.

While the neighbouring coastal districts in North Konkan of Ratnagiri (1694 mm), Raigarh (1386 mm) and Sindhudurg (1255 mm) all figure in the top ten wettest districts of the country for July 2016, none of the two districts of Goa does, as per this post in the Blog Vagaries of the Weather.

The Top three wettest places in Goa in July were:

Pernem - 44.42 inches
Mormugao - 43.44 inches
Sankhali - 40.58 inches

Mormugao crossed the 100 inches mark for seasonal rainfall during July. Overall for the season from June 1 till July 31, 2016, the wettest places were:

1. Mormugao - 104.41 inches
2. Pernem - 97.27 inches
3. Dabolim - 93.33 inches

In Google Earth for geographic perspective and with rainfall in mm check this out:

India as a whole continues to have a good monsoon this year with the seasonal rainfall so far at the normal.

With half the monsoon season over and El Nino having ended, the rest of the season would appear to proceed in the normal path as per the latest forecast by IMD, released on August 1, 2016 and available here and extract from which is reproduced below:

We shall keep track of how the season unfolds in these very pages! Keep reading!

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