Friday, 15 July 2016

Mid July 2016 - Monsoon takes a break!

After an explosive start in June 2016, when Goa witnessed one of the wettest month of June in recent years, (read this post), monsoon has slowed down in Goa and mid July, can be definitely said to be taking a break.

Meteorologists speak of the Monsoon axis having shifted far north towards Indian Plains and the base of the the Himalayas, as being the main reason for this beak. But this situation is expected to last at most for another week, before monsoon is supposed to resume with vigor.

Against normal rainfall of 512.70 mm, Goa has received just 394.1 mm during the first 15 days of July, showing a deficiency of 22%!

However due to the 35% excess rainfall received in June this year, the cumulative rainfall as measured from June 1, 2016, is still around 14% above normal!

Source: IMD Goa Center
The top three rain centres during the first half of July 2016 were:
1. Pernem - 23.14 inches
2. Sakhali - 22.48 inches
3. Valpoi - 20.91 inches

Poor rains during July first half, for the June leaders Mormugao and Dabolim, allowed Pernem and Sankhali to leapfrog over these coastal towns!

Top five centres with cumulative rain figures from June 1 to July 15, 2016 are:
1. Pernem - 75.99 inches
2. Sankhali - 71.76 inches
3. Mormugao - 71.14 inches
4. Dabolim - 67.24 inches
5. Sanguem - 63.52 inches

The monthly variation can be seen better in the following graph:

The monsoons have now covered the entire country. As of July 15, the rainfall was 1% above normal as whole for the country. Only Gujarat, Saurashtra, Bihar, Assam and Tripura have received deficient rains.

The satellite picture for July 15, 2016, too makes for happy viewing!

IMD has predicted that the SW Monsoons, will be good this year and the season may extend well beyond September!

Watch these pages as the drama unfolds!

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