Monday, 20 April 2015

April '15 Second Half - Summer conditions setting in

Since around 16th of April summer heat wave conditions have started to set in North West India, East and South East Pakistan and Rajasthan and Gujarat.

As predicted by the well known Indian weather Blogger Rajesh Kapadia in his post posted-friday-17th-night-heat-to.html, hottest in Asia on Sunday was Larkana Pakistan at 48°C and hottest in India were Kandla 44.6c, Jaisalmer 44.5c, Rajkot 43.6c, Barmer 43.4c, Bikaner 43.3c, Ahmadabad and Wardha 43.0c, Nagpur 42.8c and Bhopal 42.7c, Raipur 41.4c.

The Accurate Weather website also carries a report at predicting rise in temperatures across most North Indian cities by upto 8C.

These developments are normal during this time of the year and are essential for on time onset of Monsoon across India.

Goa too has not escaped these conditions and sultry conditions with rising minimum temperatures with high humidity have been experienced since 16th April. The minimum temperature touched 27.4C on April 20th, fiirst time since March 18th this year. In fact after a little respite from heat in the first half of April with lower minimum temperatures and cool breeze from the west during daytime, March end like conditions are back in Goa. However the westerlies which start blowing from around noon have managed to keep the max temperatures around 34C so far.

Last few days also saw cloudy conditions in the evening with isolated rains in some parts of Goa, particularly in the interiors.

These sultry conditions are expected to continue with mostly dry weather over the next few days.

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