Monday, 13 October 2014

SWM withdraws from Goa, October 13, 2014

The weather blog Vagaries of Weather has estimated that South West Monsoon 2014 has finally withdrawn from the Konkan belt, including Goa as mentioned in its  post on October 12 at

Monday morning October 13 saw most of Goa enveloped in mild to thick fog. Goa may have seen the last of the thunderstorms this year on Saturday October 11. There were no reports of rain from any part of Goa on October 12 or 13.

While early mornings are humid, the hot winds have started blowing from N and NW during late mornings and afternoons. The day max temperature is set to cross 33C and will hover around 34-35C in the coming days as October heat from Winds blowing from the North begins to be felt.

The easterly blowing jet streams at 200 hPa have shifted below 15N and westerlies are now turning south as seen here:

However IMD's limit of monsoon withdrawal map still shows the SWM active below Mumbai on the west coast!

So finally the monsoon winds which reached Goan shores this year on June 11, 2014 have finally withdrawn on October 12, 2014! 

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