Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Update May 7, 2014 - Chances of torrential Rain for the weekend decrease

The tropical Depression Invest 91B has moved Northwards to 8.1N 78E and winds have slowed down to 35 kph, compared to May 6.

The NW corner of the system is showing heavy rains affecting Kerala coast and coast of S. Karnataka.

Further movement northwards is being prevented by an upper trough and a high ressure ridge.

The system is expected to move inland into S. Karnataka by Wednesday May 7 evening and Thursday and bring rains to Karnataka coast.

Parts of Goa will get rains on Wednesday evening and Thursday May 8, after which the system is expected to fizzle out.

Saturday and Sunday May 9 and 10, should see return of clear weather back in Goa with highs of 33-34 C and lows of 25-26 C and humidity in rnge of 70 - 80 %RH.

The Invest B91 on May 7 is as below:

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