Saturday, 27 July 2013

Update July 27, 2013 - Dams & Reservoirs position in Goa, Good news!

The five reservoirs in Goa have all filled up earlier than usual, thanks to the abundance of rains in Goa in July.

The water level in the five Dams is as follows:

Sr        Dam                    Capacity mcm        Full Reservoir Level     Level as on 26/07/13
                                     (million  cubic meters)        (FRL) Meters                   Meters

1.    SELAULIM                 234.36                                41.15                         42.42

2.    ANJUNEM                   44.83                                93.20                          92.44

3.    CHAPOLI                     11.20                                38.75                         38.24

4.   AMTHANE                     5.97                                 50.25                         50.25

5.   PANCHWADI                4.47                                 26.12                         26.20

While Chapoli usually fills up by August, the heavy rains of July has ensured its early filling up.

Hopefully even the areas which chronically experience water shortage in Goa, and there aren't many of them, will have water supply in plenty this year!

Selaulim Dam, Sanguem (File Picture)

Anjunem Dam, Keri Sattari (File Picture)

Chapoli Dam, Canacona (File Picture)

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